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See Jane Win Challenge

Winning isn't only about crossing that finish line first. Sometimes it's about finding sanity, sharing time with friends, conquering self doubt, accomplishing a PR or just enjoying some good chocolate. Whatever it is for you, we know that when you step up to the start line, you have already won. We hope you are all [...]

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Shoe Recycling

Earn money with those old shoes. Please bring your used – but not abused – running shoes to the expo/registration for repurposing with the More Foundation Group. MORE (a 501c3 non-profit) works to eradicate poverty in Africa and offset carbon with regenerative forest-farming in the Runners Village Ghana, West Africa. Your running shoe donation makes [...]

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See Jane Run Ambassadors

Ambassadors We are currently looking for 2015 ambassadors for our stores and races. An ambassador is someone who is embraces the philosophy of "Jane" and runs some form of business around this concept. A Jane is someone who embraces fitness as a lifestyle and brings it into all aspects of their life. Ambassadors include bloggers, trainers, [...]

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